Josefine Reimig


Tempelhofer Damm 183
12099 Berlin

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  • Basic - Inner Smile, 6 HS, MCO
  • Iron Shirt I (IS1)
  • Healing Love (HL)

Instructor Levels:

  • Certified Instructor
  • Senior Instructor
  • Inner Alchemy Astrology Consultant
  • Inner Alchemy Astrology Teacher
  • Chi Nei Tsang I Practitioner - Organ Detox
  • Chi Nei Tsang II Practitioner - Chasing the Winds
  • Chi Nei Tsang III Practitioner - Tok Sen
  • Chi Nei Tsang I Teacher - Organ Detox
  • Chi Nei Tsang II Teacher - Chasing the Winds
  • Chi Nei Tsang Senior Teacher

Honorary Positions:

  • UHT Council of 9 Board Member
  • UHT Global Senior Instructor Coordinator
  • UHT Certification Administrator

UHT is the base and central part of my life and my teaching - Apart from basics, I offer Chi Nei Tsang as teacher and practitioner since 1992.
Born - growing up- going to school - studying - teaching - learning - still curious to learn more about life, my surrounding, and myself. Taking every chanllenge as opportunity to grow more!!!