The Taoism (chin: 道教 from 道, dao, literally the way) is originally a Chinese philosophy, but has now developed later to a national religion.
The 'dao', as the central element of this doctrine is best understood as a comprehensive world-principle to understand is that the people are not purely rational accessible. Man should interfere as little as possible this principle through conscious action and pursuit, but live in mystical, intuitive way in accordance with this Act.

In Chinese medicine, each individual organ is associated with one of the five elements. For example, the kidneys represent the element of water and the color blue. The heart corresponds to the element of fire and the color red. These assignments make it easier to guide the healing power to each internal organ with the help of the corresponding color. This practice also makes it possible to transform disharmonious emotions into harmonious, constructive energy. This transformation is an extremely powerful practice of silent Qigong.

A sincere smile transforms disharmonious chi into loving energy, which has the power to relax, balance and heal. By learning to smile inwardly at the organs and glands, your body will feel loved and respected, and can enjoy the benefits of chi even more. Through Inner Smiling, connections are made between the organs, the colors, and the energies of positive virtues, and the relationship with the healing forces of nature and the universe is strengthened.

Inner Smile begins in the eyes and in the point between the eyebrows (3rd eye). When you activate the heart, the loving energy will overflow, and you will feel the energy of the Inner Smile flowing like a waterfall from top to bottom throughout the whole body. This is a powerful and effective remedy for stress, tension and disharmonious Chi.

    For a short exercise instruction, please follow this Link to www.mantak-chia-media.com/blog/just-smile/

Who wants to use chi for healing and growth, it must be checked and circulate effectively on certain paths through the body. In the meditation of the small energy cycle, the practitioner uses the power of the Spirit to enable sacrum and cranial pump so that they pump Chi through the body.

The opening of the Small circuit forms the basis for the system of universal Tao. With the help of special meditation and relaxation techniques, the meditator learns to stimulate the energy on the two main channels to bring the circles, draw and preserve. These two principal meridians are the servant-vessel running forward in the middle of the body, and the arm-tube that runs from the tail bone from the spine up to the head. From there via the "third eye" and the nose to the upper palate.

The exercise of the small circulation plays an important role in the elimination of physical and mental blockages. In open meridians chi can on the track of the little circuit to circulate freely; Mind and body are supplied with Chi and removes energy blockages.

To open the little circuit, you should meditate for a few minutes every morning after the exercise of the interior smile. At first, you notice anything, but after a while you will feel the energy circulating in some places as a warm stream.

All who want the techniques of the Universal Healing Tao® System® good command should be dedicated to the practice of small circulation. Without this basis, it is difficult to progress to the higher levels of the Taoist disciplines, on which Chi and creative energy to be converted.

(Dr. Wolfgang Köppe 2004)

     The Microcosmic Orbit is part of the ‘Tao Energy Basics and Sexual Energy Cultivation’ training line in the Universal Healing Tao® System® of Grandmaster Mantak Chia.

Inner Sexual Alchemy - Healing Love

Healing Love serves to cultivate the sexual energy (Ching Chi) generated in our ‘love organs’. Closely connected to the glandular system, our sexual organs can generate large amounts of sexual energy, an extremely fiery energy, powerful, lively, but not permanent. In order to store it, it must be channelled to the other organs and must not remain exclusively in the sexual organs or be ‘wasted’, i.e. discharged without being circulated. The exercises and meditations of Healing Love from the Universal Tao show us how to circulate, transform, connect and preserve the fiery energy of Ching Chi with the energy of the heart.

As the sexual energy of men and women is very different and practising together, ‘couple cultivation’, is one of the advanced techniques, the exercises are initially practised individually.

The woman learns the ‘breast massage’, ‘ovary breathing’ and the exercise with the jade egg. In addition to strengthening the entire pelvic floor musculature, the exercises can also be used to treat complaints before and during menstruation, organ prolapse, hormonal fluctuations and to increase sexual sensitivity.
The man learns the massage of the sexual organs, ‘testicular breathing’ and the technique of the ‘big pull up’, with which ejaculation can be controlled and an orgasm can still be experienced. It can also have a positive effect on problems such as impotence, prostate problems, health and pleasure.
The aim is to cultivate the energy of Ching Chi, to utilise the refined love energy for self-healing, rejuvenation, creative expansion and spiritual growth. This makes it possible to experience a vibrant zest for life. It also promotes a deeper understanding of our sexuality as well as our ability to experience love, respect, intimacy and independence in our love relationships.
(Annett May 2004)

Iron Shirt Chi Kung

Whether you are a student or an expert ... practice is key. A practice session can be completely ineffective if the body has not been properly prepared to process the energy it is supposed to absorb.
Energy absorption and its processing is the main goal of iron shirt training.
The term ‘warm up’ means to get chi and blood flowing and circulating through the body. Warm up exercises are especially important for parts of the body that are rarely stretched ... such as the spine and sacrum.
It is very important to pay attention to the body's messages during the various exercises. The aim is not to overstretch or overdevelop the large muscles, but to loosen and open the joints so that chi and blood can flow without obstruction. We should always remember to develop slowly, safely and naturally.
In Iron Shirt Chi Kung we learn to restore the natural structure of the body. In other words: We discover how to utilise the strength of the lower Tan Tien, the perineum and the spine to stand in a stable, powerful and unstressed way.

What is Iron Shirt Chi Kung?
Iron Shirt Chi Kung is the ‘martial arts’ aspect of the Universal Healing Tao® System®.
This branch of the system develops inner strength and a well-trained body through simple but very effective techniques that produce chi (qi) which can then be stored in the body. Iron Shirt training develops a relaxed, open but strong body structure that is aligned with the forces of heaven and earth. The iron shirt techniques help us to establish strong roots with the earth and keep the body centred and balanced.

Chi kung, or qigong, is a form of internal alchemy that includes mind, chi power and breathing exercises. Practitioners learn to detoxify the body and promote the circulation of energy in order to condense and store it. The strengthened chi is then re-circulated through the body and re-compressed into the organs, glands and muscles to keep them healthy and strong.
In order to penetrate the deeper emotional layers of the body, all Iron Shirt Chi Kung and breathing exercises should be practised with full attention. The aim is to prepare the body for higher, spiritual energies.
(Thomas Meewes 2002)

Iron Shirt Chi Kung (Ironshirt Chi Kung) is part of the Internal Martial Art training line in the UNIVERSAL HEALING TAO System® of Grand Master Mantak Chia.

Organ Detoxification, the "Chi Nei Tsang®" Massage

(Second brain: Abdominal massage)

People often develop energy blockages of their internal organs, which have their roots in the knots and tangles of the intestinal tract.
Emotions such as fear, anger, excessive anxiety, depression and rumination can cause great damage in our bodies.

Energy losses can occur as by overwork, stress, accidents, surgery, drugs and toxins, poor and contaminated food and especially through vocational uncertainty.

These negative emotions and toxic energies seek discharge and deposit as from on and around the organs in our body that can process parts of this emotional garbage. But usually there remain enough blockades to impede the energy flow in the body, which eventually leads usually to disease. Negative emotions can create such excessive heat in the organs that dysfunction can develop up to total failure.

The Chi Nei Tsang® massage is an extremely effective method to solve these energy blockages and flush out deposited toxins.
Since Chi Nei Tsang® is intended for mainly for self-massage, no further steps are required. Anyone can see the beneficial massages you at all times and for all the family exercise ... You can feel in yourself, where tensions are found around the abdomen and edit this tension. Mantak Chia calls the 'I am my own gold-digger'.
(Wolfgang Heuhsen 2004)

Cosmic Healing Qigong

Healing by the forces of heaven and earth – Grandmaster Mantak Chia 

Cosmic Healing Qigong is a hitherto largely unknown in Europe method to selectively take up the cosmic energy that you save and use them for health and long life – with themselves, other.

By hands and acupuncture points are activated, flow vitalizing forces into and through the entire body. Thus, the exhaustion of own energy resources is prevented and fed fresh energy. A special attraction of this first published in German language practice is that it can be practiced by both beginners as well as advanced Qi Gong and both equally brings.

Cosmic Chi Kung builds on the UNIVERSAL HEALING TAO® System based exercises, such small energy cycle, six healing sounds, skin and bone breathing and Iron Shirt practice and Tan Tien exercises. At the core of Cosmic Chi Kung is an exercise method that is called by Master Mantak Chia the "Buddha Palm". The purpose of this practice is to strengthen the chi of the practitioner and his ability to develop Chi also give to others. The exercises are based on the Shaolin One Finger Qigong, from which also the Kong Jing Qigong has been derived, about which so far are hardly any publications, and is seldom taught. Other methods describe techniques with the hands and with different visualizations, including with colored Chi. Grandmaster Mantak Chia warns, however, even before the untrained use of some techniques.
Through the inner preparation of practitioners with the basic exercises and especially the techniques of the Cosmic Chi Kung, the spiritual, mental facilities of the / of the practitioners are trained.

The Taoist health system is based in large part on the elements and roots of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Like all, in Taoist tradition traditional methods is also constructed with the Cosmic Chi Kung not a belief system, but the values ​​and priorities should be for everyone 'experienced'.
The Master Mantak Chia in 2007 for the first time in Berlin taught Theme 'Taoist Shamanism' originates in the core of the Cosmic Chi Kung. Learn how to protect yourself, to transform the externally acquired emotions into beneficial body energies. The old system of 'suction shaman ' is still used, but today we are no longer designed to protect us against the stressful, emotional external energies and mental attacks. Master Mantak Chia shows us , are structured as simple protective fields and gives you the opportunity to offset your own body energy system – practical mental hygiene so to speak. Grandmaster Chia takes us in the invocation of the guardian spirits and shows how to handle the 'Spirits' .
(Wolfgang Heuhsen / 2007)

Elixir Chi Kung - The Golden Elixir

 - Taoist alchemy, the "Chymic Wedding" in ancient China -

  In the Taoist tradition, the Elixir Chi Kung as one of the last mysteries was considered that passes on a master before he passed on to his students.
Grandmaster Mantak Chia makes this precious knowledge without restrictions and was publicly criticized for it already.
In summary, one can say humors are energized by alchemical acts with Chi. It transformed his own body juices on a not yet explored in detail, but very effective way.
   Body fluids are considered in Chinese medicine as a key indicator for vital health. Functioning of the liquids that speaks for an intact production and a good supply of organs with oxygen and nutrients for a vital sexual energy and for a sufficient combustion of nutrients. Overall, a good hydration of the body provides information on the vitality of a person.

  The West knows also similar traditions. The '' Chemical Wedding '' as the title of one of the basic writings of the Rosicrucians and as an instrument of research-adepts who possessed the keys of hermetic alchemy , Kabbalah, and astrology. In alchemy , the Chemical Wedding is understood as the union of opposites and reveals the stepped path of initiation into the last great mysteries of our existence.
  At the masterpiece of the alchemists, the production of a Philosopher's Stone, which produce gold and an immortality elixir is to be gained , one of the necessary actions is the coagulatio of matter, the attraction of being non-clotting substances in chymical wedding.
They referred to in the erotic imagery of alchemy the culmination of the Great Work (opus magnum) when the White Queen (symbol: moon , silver or mercury) : combined with the red king (sun, sulfur or gold icon). However, the union of polar opposites is not only an external process , but also an allegory of the inner , spiritual transformation process of a human being , because of the specific alteration of the man himself was one of the main objectives of alchemy.

  The Taoists recognized the saliva as one of the sources of life. Western scientists describe saliva as an extremely complex fluid that includes a huge range of fabrics, which have the potential to influence many aspects of our physical life.
  The Golden Elixir, also known as nectar, is the source or the water of life. It is a mixture of saliva, fluids, and external hormonal essences. From an alchemical point of view, but it is far more than a merely external, material process; rather is integrated by coagulation Intellectual in the matter and this thereby raised to a higher level of existence. Taoists believe that this elixir is a great transformer for the higher, spiritual work. The Golden Elixir should be able to cure diseases, and even grant immortality. Some Taoist texts recommend swallowing the saliva up to 1,000 times per day for spiritual work and healing.  In the practice presented by Grandmaster Mantak Chia, exercises that have only recently been publicised are performed with flowery names such as ‘The Dragon Fixes the Pearl’, ‘Spinning the Silk and Swinging the Leg’ or ‘Harvesting the Golden Earth Medicine’.
  The practical applications of alchemical traditions to their own body fluids can be learned and practiced. Grandmaster Mantak Chia teaches these precious , Taoist practices worldwide in workshops in Germany . Elixir Chi Kung is part of the Cosmic Healing .
(Wolfgang Heuhsen 2010)

Fusion of the 5 Elements (1)

The fusion of the five elements (1) is the first level of the higher meditations in Taoist practice, which are also known under the name of fusion of the 5 forces of the universe. It is the beginning of the inner alchemy, one - by Taoist opinion - very scientific process in which the / learns the practitioner to control the energy in your body to use the Pakua connect to the immense forces in the universe, outside of the human be able to produce the body.
These energies can be used powerfully for self-healing and the development of higher, spiritual goals.

The Fusion 1 is the first step to experiencing the formation and flow of emotional, mental and physical energies in your own body, to control and direct.
In practice, one learns how negative energies that are hidden deep in the body, can be tracked and transformed into positive energy.
Eyes, tongue, mouth, nose and ears, as well as the 5 most important, negative emotions in the organs - - In the Taoist fusion of the 5 elements a connection between the five external senses is anger, hatred, worry, sadness, and fear made​​. When this connection is established once, the negative emotion is stored in the organs to be detected.

The Fusion 1 shows step by step how negative emotions are removed from the organs . They are neither suppressed nor enhanced or acted out . Instead, these negative energies are brought to special collection points in the body where they are neutralized and converted into positive, creative energy.
The great secret of storage and crystallization of the transformed energy into a mysterious pearl has been revealed for the first time in the alchemical formula of the merger. This pearl is the essence of our life energy or chi ( qi ) , which is in contact with the forces of the universe. With their help it is possible the whole body with energy to nourish the spirit and form a strong soul , or an energy body .
The Fusion 1 is the first essential step to comprehensive emotional and spiritual higher development .
Prerequisite for this practice are knowledge in the basic program of the Universal Tao.

Fusion of the 5 Elements (2)

At the second stage of the merger, you learn how to circulate the pure energy of the five organs once they are freed from negative emotions. Are the organs cleaned, form positive feelings of kindness, gentleness, respect, balance, justice, and compassion as a natural expression of the inner equilibrium. The / the practitioner can monitor state of equilibrium by observing the nature of spontaneously forming emotions.
The power of positive emotions is used to the three from the perineum (dam point) to open from the apex extending channels which are called channel Ascending. In addition, it opens the belt channels that surround the nine main energy centers of the body.


Fusion of the 5 Elements (3)

At the third stage of the merger, the practitioner completes the cleaning of the energy pathways in the body by opening the positive and negative channels in the arms and legs. Opening the little cycle, the anoxic channel the channel belt and the positive and negative channels in arms and legs makes the body completely transparent to the circles of life - energy. The unimpeded flow of energy is the basis for perfect physical and mental health.
The method of fusion is one of the greatest achievements of the Taoist masters , as it puts people in a position to rid the body of negative emotions and at the same time to shine the pure light of positive forces.
This traditional knowledge is still kept isolated in shamanistic and tantric traditions around the world. The preservation of these traditions allows us to adhering to solve emotional energies to rid ourselves of "sapping companions ". Those who work directly with people, whether as a therapist , social service, or a teacher who knows the endless task de 'letting go' of everyday experiences. Learn to prepare you to activate your body's sensitive energy system by opening the channels and transform the received energy patterns and save to build your own protective box and hold it.
(Wolfgang Heuhsen 2006)

The lesser enlightenment Kan and Li:

On this, at a very high level of Taoist energy work, the sexual energy is Jing Chi (creative power) is transformed into life force. The ultimate secret of this formula is that the usual positions of fire and water are reversed to set sexual energy. The spread of sexual energy through the entire body, you can imagine it as water vapor rising when the water begins to boil on the fire.

For this meditation, the inner alchemy includes maintenance and development of the root center and the heart center, and the transformation of sexual energy in the navel. The formula of the smaller K'an and Li reverses the normal process of energy waste.

By interchanging the positions of the heat of the fire body comes under the coolness of the water body. Without this exchange, the fire burns easily in the air and burns the body from the inside. The water (the sexual fluids) will tend to flow down and exit the body. When the water dries up, the body breathes out his life. The process of evaporation may be extended over a long period.

The warm, moist steam generated carries tremendous energy in itself and is extremely healthy. The glands and the nervous and lymphatic systems are regenerated, intensifies the circulation of energy and the body fluids.

The UNIVERSAL HEALING TAO SYSTEM is a practical system of self-cultivation and spiritual development.

Master Mantak Chia developed the UNIVERSAL HEALING TAO SYSTEM to use the age-old, his assigned by Chinese masters and teachers energy practices together with his students and other interested parties. His sincere wish is that every individual should have the opportunity to promote the harmonious development of body, mind and soul. By doing these exercises is the practitioner enables users to establish personal responsibility for their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and to hold.


By learning harmonic diet and the strengthening of assets invested in us self-healing, a firm basis for our spiritual growth is laid. By learning to connect us directly with the natural surrounding us energy , there arises a subtle consciousness, which is absolutely essential for spiritual progress can arise spontaneously . Finally, the limitations of the physical body through the accelerated development of the mind body and the spiritual body are more and more resolved.

Each is self-healing, is born a healer. Once the energy channels , or meridians , are open in the body, the energies of the internal organs come back in line with each other. This unique , universal energy is healing others , damaged cells. By further compound this universal energy with the energy sources around us in nature and in the universe , unlimited healing power for all will be present.

From over 1000 trained teachers informed on all continents , UNIVERSAL HEALING TAO SYSTEM allows access to a unique, modern integration of traditional theory, method and practice.

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