Ein zentrales Anliegen der Universal-Tao-Germany-Stiftung ist die Verbesserung der Volksgesundheit durch Unterstützung und Förderung des Universal HEALING TAO© Sytems nach Groß-Meister Mantak Chia in Deutschland. Die Universal HEALING TAO© Lehre (UHT) beinhaltet insbesondere körperliche und meditative Übungen im Kontext der chinesischen Fünf-Elemente-Lehre sowie der Klassischen Chinesischen Medizin. Um interessierten, wirtschaftlich bedürftigen Menschen den Zugang zu diesem Wissen zu ermöglichen, fördert die Stiftung insbesondere sozial schwächer gestellte Teilnehmer/ innen mit Zuschüssen zu allen UHT-Veranstaltungen, UHT-Workshops und UHT-Ausbildungen. Siehe unsere ProBono Förderregeln.

Mit Respekt, Hochachtung und Dankbarkeit würdigen wir die großzügige Unterstützung von Frau Claudia Maria SENGE, durch welche die Gründung der Stiftung überhaupt erst ermöglicht wurde.

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The exam for teachers Tao ( Certified Instructor ) is currently exclusively in the hands of Grandmaster Chia itself two times a year find teacher training courses in the Tao Garden (Chiang Mai , Northern Thailand ) instead . The Training Retreat takes, depending on level of training 2-4 weeks.

Prerequisite for teacher training are the detection of hours of training at a recognized Tao teacher and the successfully completed courses on the respective topics for which a teacher examination is sought. (eg Basic, Iron Shirt Chi Kung , Tai Chi Chi Kung , etc.)

As a precursor to the Tao Teacher ( Certified Instructor ) , the exam can be taken to Associate Instructor in Germany . The associate instructor may , for example, teach together with a certified instructor in a school or selbsständig at his own place of residence.

The examination for Associate Instructor can be carried out by a senior instructor . By passing the examination for Associate Instructor , the duration of teacher training to become a Certified Instructor at Master Chia in Thailand decreased by one week.

In addition to discounts on courses with Grandmaster Mantak Chia in Germany and the purchase prices of teaching materials (books , posters, DVDs , etc.) in the Tao Garden Store , you are a member of the community and can present on the under construction, German teacher website with its own courses be listed .

4 pillars of education foundations of Universal Healing Tao Master Mantak Chia for wholesale as a pdf file :



In harmony with the universal life force ,
we increase the virtues of the heart, soul and mind.


We promote the cultivation of life force ( chi)
to heal us and explore our inner self .
We inspire people to care and education
her soul and harmonize all related spirits
on a clear path to the Tao .


For present and future generations
we want to pass the path of encounter with an open heart ,
maintain a clear direction in life
spiritually and eternally - immortal Tao embody .


We honor with loving acceptance ,
the changing balance of light and darkness.
To achieve health, longevity and wealth ,
we live in harmony with the virtues
Trust, respect , love, wisdom and compassion.


By transforming our sexual Chi Essence
we strengthen our energy body
and enhance our spiritual growth
through the practice of Qi Gong and meditation
Taoist Inner Alchemy .

The structure and form of the Universal Healing Tao see link '' Universal Tao ''

The Spiritual Core

Universal Healing Tao Foundation

Inner Alchemy - FORMULA 1


      Basic Practice I
1 Inner Smile
2 Six Healing sounds
3 Small energy cycle
4 Chi Self- Massage:

      Basic Practice II
1 deep abdominal breathing , force of the empty breath
2 Chi Kung of laughter
3 Stem cells chi kung
4 Elixir Chi Kung
5 Tan Tien Chi Kung
6 Iron Shirt Chi Kung I
7 Iron Shirt Chi Kung II
8 Bone Marrow Nei Kung ( Iron Shirt III)
9 Tai Chi Chi Kung I
10 Tao Yin
11 Tai Chi Chi Kung II

      Medical Chi Kung :
1 Chi Nei Tsang I
2 Chi Nei Tsang II
3 Cosmic Healing Chi Kung I
4 Cosmic Healing Chi Kung II
5 Karsai Nei Tsang

Inner Alchemy - FORMULA 2


      Sexual Alchemy I
1 Male Sexual Alchemy
2 Female Sexual Alchemy
3 Multi- Orgasmic connection

 Inner Alchemy - FORMULA 3


      1 Fusion I
2 Fusion II
3 Fusion III

( DARKROOM RETREAT for Formula 4 , 5, 6 and 7)

Inner Alchemy - FORMULA 4

1 Small Kan and Li

Inner Alchemy - FORMULA 5

2 Larger Kan and Li

Inner Alchemy - FORMULA 6

3 Greatest Kan and Li

Inner Alchemy - FORMULA 7

4 Sealing of the Five Senses

Inner Alchemy - FORMULA 8

First union of heaven and earth

Inner Alchemy - FORMULA 9

First fusion of man and Tao

Excerpts translation of a text by Dennis Huntington on Large Master Chia

The structure and form of the Universal Healing Tao see link '' Universal Tao ''


1. Tao Energy Cultivation

1.1 Tao Energy Basic

Global Branch Leader – Marie Favorito
Contact Time: Evenings from 06:00 PM
Tel : + (1) 781 369-190
E-mail :    
Website :
Skype : favmcf

1.2 Healing Love

Global Branch Leader – Minke De Vos
Contact Time: Evenings from 06:00 PM
Tel: +1 604 669 2505
Email: ,
Skype: Minkedevos

2. Healing Qigong (Cosmic Healing)

Global Branch Leader – Wolfgang Heuhsen
Tel: +49 30 772-3200
Skype: tao-berlin

3. Chi Nei Tsang

Global Branch Leader – Jutta Kellenberger
Contact Time: Evenings from 06:00 PM
Tel: +66 53 921 200
Email: ,
Skype: juttak8

4. Internal Martial Arts

Global Branch Leader – Andrew Jan
Contact Time: Evenings from 06:00 PM
Tel: +61 8 9418 2227
Email: ,
Skype: Andrew Jan

5. Inner Alchemy

Fusion of the 5 Elements & Immortal Tao

Global Branch Leader Europe – Harald Röder
Tel: +49 911 36 43 90
Skype: Itschoepo


The structure and form of the Universal Healing Tao see link'' Universal Tao''


Dear Universal Healing Tao Instructors,


A great moment has been reached and we, the Council of'' 9'', are happy to report on the events during the second session of the Council, on March 09, 2011 in Berlin. We celebrate the founding of the Universal Healing Tao'' Foundation'', whose tasks were adopted from us. The members of the Council of'' 9'' will vote on the mission-vision and their objectives in close cooperation with the following Continental Coordinators:

     - UHT Asia Walter Kellenberger
     - UHT Europe Renu Li
     - UHT North America Michael Winn
     - UHT South Karin Sörvik
     - UHT Africa Christo Trautmann
     - UHT Oceania (Australia and New Zealand) Andrew Jan and Gabrielle Euteneuer


By exchanging information and addressing the work ahead of us with the Continental Coordinators , further subgroups by e -mail and Skype will be created to '' build a new communication structure within the '' UHT Foundation to ensure that all Country Coordinators , Senior Instructors , Instructors and practitioners can be achieved worldwide .

In the year of 2011, in Asia , Australia and Africa and 2012 in Europe, North and Latin America serve continental Instructor meetings to exchange information in order to summarize all Instructors to a global , family UHT network.

Our new communication structure will allow us all to figure out on a more personal level , how the cooperation works and what help is needed to support '' and the new '' Universal Healing Tao Foundation our global mission vision goals and strategies to realize .

At the same time receives the '' Council of 9'' so immediate feedback , which is required to support and improve on a local level around the globe .

No matter how small the task is , if we do it simple, it will contribute to an important part of the whole and the Universal Healing Tao '' Foundation '' may be doing its job .

We ask to be all part of the process and the changes that affect us all and thank you all for your great work . Together we make the world might be a little better in our new global Universal Healing Tao family.

In gratitude , gratitude and deep respect for all .

'' UHT Foundation - Council of 9''

The UNIVERSAL HEALING TAO SYSTEM is a practical system of self-cultivation and spiritual development.

Master Mantak Chia developed the UNIVERSAL HEALING TAO SYSTEM to use the age-old, his assigned by Chinese masters and teachers energy practices together with his students and other interested parties. His sincere wish is that every individual should have the opportunity to promote the harmonious development of body, mind and soul. By doing these exercises is the practitioner enables users to establish personal responsibility for their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being and to hold.

By learning harmonic diet and the strengthening of assets invested in us self-healing, a firm basis for our spiritual growth is laid. By learning to connect us directly with the natural surrounding us energy , there arises a subtle consciousness, which is absolutely essential for spiritual progress can arise spontaneously . Finally, the limitations of the physical body through the accelerated development of the mind body and the spiritual body are more and more resolved.

Each is self-healing, is born a healer. Once the energy channels , or meridians , are open in the body, the energies of the internal organs come back in line with each other. This unique , universal energy is healing others , damaged cells. By further compound this universal energy with the energy sources around us in nature and in the universe , unlimited healing power for all will be present.

From over 1000 trained teachers informed on all continents , UNIVERSAL HEALING TAO SYSTEM allows access to a unique, modern integration of traditional theory, method and practice.