Inner Smile

The meditation of the interior of Smiles is a major component of Taoist practice. In our face, there are more than three hundred muscles. When we are angry or anxious, or ruminate and worry us, then these muscles tighten. This facial muscle tension leads to Verspannungungen throughout the body, the breath is shallow and our nervous system is also very stressed.

When we smile , dissolve immediately the contractions of the muscles in the face and whole body. The breath is calm and steady , we feel much better. For example, a smile can spontaneously evoke a sense of joy .
To give a conscious smile that emerges with the intention of ourselves affection and love us so begins the meditation of the interior smile. Through practice, we can deliberately create a state of deep relaxation and inner harmony within us. The smiling energy from our eyes , we derive this with the help of our attention inward , through the whole body . We smile in the glands, the organs in our brain and in our bones . We thus arrive with our bodies benevolent way in deep, loving contact . Tensions dissolve , the immune system is strengthened, the respective organ associated , positive emotions are propagated; Love and joy , for example, grows in our hearts . The heart can cause the overflowing love in our entire body, in every cell . When we smile inwardly so we bring fresh energy into our system and organs, it has a healing and rejuvenating.
The meditation of the inner smile is practiced at the beginning of each meditation of universal Tao. It is the time of practicing more and more to an inner attitude : to ourselves and to face the world in which we live in every situation with respect and love.
( Rainer Zemun / 2004)