Who wants to use chi for healing and growth, it must be checked and circulate effectively on certain paths through the body. In the meditation of the small energy cycle, the practitioner uses the power of the Spirit to enable sacrum and cranial pump so that they pump Chi through the body.


The opening of the Small circuit forms the basis for the system of universal Tao. With the help of special meditation and relaxation techniques, the meditator learns to stimulate the energy on the two main channels to bring the circles, draw and preserve. These two principal meridians are the servant-vessel running forward in the middle of the body, and the arm-tube that runs from the tail bone from the spine up to the head and from there via the "third eye" and the nose to the upper palate.

The exercise of the small circulation plays an important role in the elimination of physical and mental blockages. In open meridians chi can on the track of the little circuit to circulate freely; Mind and body are supplied with Chi and removes energy blockages.

To open the little circuit, you should meditate for a few minutes every morning after the exercise of the interior smile. At first you notice anything, but after a while you will feel the energy circulating in some places as warm stream.

All who want the techniques of the Universal Tao good command should be dedicated to the practice of small circulation, because without this basis it is difficult to progress to the higher levels of the Taoist disciplines on which Chi and creative energy to be converted.

(Wolfgang Koppe 2004)