Cosmic Chi Kung

Healing through the powers of heaven and earth - Master Mantak Chia

CosmicChi Kung (or Cosmic Healing) is a method that has been largely unknown in Europe up to now. It is a way of absorbing cosmic energy, storing it and using it for health and longevity - for oneself and for others.

By activating hands and acupuncture points, vitalising forces flow into and through the entire body. This prevents the exhaustion of one's own energy resources and provides fresh energy. A very special attraction of this exercise practice, published for the first time in German, is that it can be practised by beginners as well as advanced Qi Gong practitioners and benefits both equally.

The book "Cosmic Chi Kung" by Mantak Chia, Lotus Verlag 2004 is unfortunately out of print and currently only available as an e-book).
Cosmic Chi Kung builds on the UNIVERSAL HEALING TAO© basic exercises such as Small Energy Circuit, Six Healing Sounds, Skin and Bone Breathing as well as Iron Hem practice and Tan Tien exercises. At the core of Cosmic Chi Kung is a practice method called the "Buddha Hand" by Master Mantak Chia. The aim of this practice is to strengthen the practitioner's chi and to develop his ability to give chi to others. The exercises are based on Shaolin One-Finger Qigong, from which Kong Jing Qigong was also derived, but which has hardly been published and is rarely taught. Other methods describe techniques with the hands and with various visualisations, including coloured chi. However, Master Mantak Chia himself warns against the unpractised use of some techniques.
Through the inner preparation of the practitioner with the basic exercises and especially the techniques of Cosmic Chi Kung, the practitioner's spiritual, mental dispositions are trained.

The Taoist health system is largely based on the elements and roots of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Like all methods handed down in Taoist tradition, Cosmic Chi Kung is not based on a belief system, but the values and emphases are meant to be "experienced" by everyone.
The subject area "Taoist Shamanism", taught by Master Mantak Chia for the first time in Berlin in 2007, derives in its core from Cosmic Chi Kung. Learn to protect yourself, to transform the emotions taken over from outside into useful body energies. The ancient system of "sucking shamans" is still used, but today we are no longer trained to protect ourselves against the stressful, emotional external energies and spiritual attacks. Master Mantak Chia shows us how to build simple protective fields and gives you the opportunity to balance your own body-energy system - practical mental hygiene, so to speak. Master Chia takes us through the invocation of the protective spirits and shows us how to deal with the "spirits".
(Wolfgang Heuhsen / 2007)

Cosmic Chi Kung (Cosmic Healing) is an independent training line in the UNIVERSAL HEALING TAO© system of Grand Master Mantak Chia. Responsible for the training content and the training and examination system is UHT Global Branch Leader Wolfgang Heuhsen.