The exam for teachers Tao ( Certified Instructor ) is currently exclusively in the hands of Grandmaster Chia itself two times a year find teacher training courses in the Tao Garden (Chiang Mai , Northern Thailand ) instead . The Training Retreat takes, depending on level of training 2-4 weeks.

Prerequisite for teacher training are the detection of hours of training at a recognized Tao teacher and the successfully completed courses on the respective topics for which a teacher examination is sought. (eg Basic, Iron Shirt Chi Kung , Tai Chi Chi Kung , etc.)

As a precursor to the Tao Teacher ( Certified Instructor ) , the exam can be taken to Associate Instructor in Germany . The associate instructor may , for example, teach together with a certified instructor in a school or selbsständig at his own place of residence.

The examination for Associate Instructor can be carried out by a senior instructor . By passing the examination for Associate Instructor , the duration of teacher training to become a Certified Instructor at Master Chia in Thailand decreased by one week.

In addition to discounts on courses with Grandmaster Mantak Chia in Germany and the purchase prices of teaching materials (books , posters, DVDs , etc.) in the Tao Garden Store , you are a member of the community and can present on the under construction, German teacher website with its own courses be listed .

4 pillars of education foundations of Universal Healing Tao Master Mantak Chia for wholesale as a pdf file :