Dear Universal Healing Tao Instructors,


A great moment has been reached and we, the Council of'' 9'', are happy to report on the events during the second session of the Council, on March 09, 2011 in Berlin. We celebrate the founding of the Universal Healing Tao'' Foundation'', whose tasks were adopted from us. The members of the Council of'' 9'' will vote on the mission-vision and their objectives in close cooperation with the following Continental Coordinators:

     - UHT Asia Walter Kellenberger
     - UHT Europe Renu Li
     - UHT North America Michael Winn
     - UHT South Karin Sörvik
     - UHT Africa Christo Trautmann
     - UHT Oceania (Australia and New Zealand) Andrew Jan and Gabrielle Euteneuer


By exchanging information and addressing the work ahead of us with the Continental Coordinators , further subgroups by e -mail and Skype will be created to '' build a new communication structure within the '' UHT Foundation to ensure that all Country Coordinators , Senior Instructors , Instructors and practitioners can be achieved worldwide .

In the year of 2011, in Asia , Australia and Africa and 2012 in Europe, North and Latin America serve continental Instructor meetings to exchange information in order to summarize all Instructors to a global , family UHT network.

Our new communication structure will allow us all to figure out on a more personal level , how the cooperation works and what help is needed to support '' and the new '' Universal Healing Tao Foundation our global mission vision goals and strategies to realize .

At the same time receives the '' Council of 9'' so immediate feedback , which is required to support and improve on a local level around the globe .

No matter how small the task is , if we do it simple, it will contribute to an important part of the whole and the Universal Healing Tao '' Foundation '' may be doing its job .

We ask to be all part of the process and the changes that affect us all and thank you all for your great work . Together we make the world might be a little better in our new global Universal Healing Tao family.

In gratitude , gratitude and deep respect for all .

'' UHT Foundation - Council of 9''